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What does your blog title mean? It sounds stuck up.
     The idea for my blog title began during my first pregnancy. My sister-in-law wanted to feel the baby kick. And of course, as soon as my SIL placed her hand on my tummy, Itty Bitty immediately ceased her dance party and laid perfectly still. Poking my belly, I said to the baby, "Come on, kick!" Then I told the relatives, nonchalantly, "She'll listen; she's very advanced."

So your title is a joke?

Do you really think your child is advanced?
     Advanced, no. Awesome, yes.

I think your blog is awesome. Can I follow it? Can I share it on FB? Can I share it on my Twitter?
    Yes, please and thank you!

Can I comment even if I don't know you?
    You can comment especially if you don't know me!

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