Thursday, January 08, 2015

When life hands you peppermint, don't dump it!

We really relaxed and spread things out this past Christmas. Instead of stressing myself (and everyone else) out trying to make 12 million cookies in one day, we'd make a dozen here and there.

Yesterday, since it's still the Christmas season, we went to make one of my favorites: Peppermint Melt-Aways!

Baking has never been a favorite activity for me. Especially since we went Gluten-Free, baking can be tricky. I feel like I take a gamble whenever I stick something in the oven. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it's doesn't. But I was ready to go this time! I waited till the baby was happy, had all my ingredients ready to go, and we started.

The good news is we had JUST enough peppermint extract for the recipe!

The bad news is Finn dumped the bottle when I wasn't looking.

Peregrin thought my shocked (staged) face was funny!

I was beating the butter with the mixer when suddenly the entire world smelled like peppermint. I turned around and saw my 3 year old, standing there, looking at me with his prepared, "Oops" face.

Not going to lie, my reaction wasn't exemplary.

"FINN! NO, BUDDY. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" I asked, exasperated.

(As if he was going to give me any kind of answer that would satisfy me at that moment...? I mean really. I need to get better about not asking silly questions like that.)

The good news is I realized I didn't even care that much. I couldn't even find where he dumped the extract. I think there was so little that it evaporated before I could turn around. So, after telling him it was totally fine and not to pour things without me telling him to, we moved on.

And the good news is we had plenty of almond extract to make the most amazingly, delicious Almond Melt-Aways you ever tasted.

Really, I highly recommend it!

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