Saturday, January 10, 2015

Making 2015 Intentional

Back in January of 2014, I filled out an amazing Goal and Intentions Kit that really set the stage for what I wanted to accomplish in the next 12 months. I am happy to say that I reached many of those goals throughout the year, and it gave me so much satisfaction to highlight them as I did! 

Nearing October, though, I realized there were a few that I hadn't come close to accomplishing. And they were ones that mattered more to me than anything in the whole world. After a thoughtful step back, I purposely began to focus my attention and energy into these areas. It was time to get serious. 

A must-read, in my strong opinion!
Side note: I love to read e-books while nursing my baby to sleep. If I'm going to be completely honest, the main reason is because it keeps my imagination from running wild while sitting in a quiet, dark room for 20 minutes.

I am a major wimp.

So in the fall, I came across an ebook that I recommend to all moms out there: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. This book seriously and positively impacted my life SO very much. Instead of just reading the book and skipping over the exercises at the end, I actually did them.

How powerful it was for me to take the time to think, write, and then see my own words down on paper. It gave me such a clear vision of my priorities. It helped me start to say "no" to things that didn't jive with my personal priorities list. It also freed up a lot of time to focus on them too.

It was because of this book that I reached the goals of 2014 that were the most important to me: those about my family.

It was also this book that gave me crystal clear (pun intended) vision into how I wanted my 2015 to turn out. So in addition to filling out the new 2015 Goals and Intentions Kit by Jessica Swift, I also treated myself to something else that really pushed me. 

The 2015 Workbook: Create Your Shining Year.

I have to say: this book is fantastic. It arrived a few days before Christmas, so I spent my quiet evenings, listening to Charlie Brown Christmas, drinking caramel porter, and getting right to work.

One of the first things I liked about it was the bright, happy, and colorful design. My husband thought he was being so funny every time I was writing in it. "Got your coloring book?" he'd tease lightly, kind of in the adorable way I always imagined Gilbert Blythe saying, "Hey, Carrots!"

Another thing I really liked about it as I filled out all the sections was the highly reflective nature of the layout. You don't just answer a few questions and move on. You are forced to dig deep, answer the questions a few times, and really put it down on paper.

I highly recommend this book if you are serious about changing your habits, if you have some big goals for yourself, and most importantly, if you are tired of setting those pesky resolutions and forgetting about them come Jan 22nd. You can either get the Life or Biz Workbook, or do what I did and get the combined one!

One of my favorite parts of the book was creating my word of the year. I even did the "bonus activity" and created artwork for it! (That was FUN!) I chose the word intentional because that is what I want my life to become.

When I'm working my business, I want to be focused.
When I'm with my beautiful kids, I want to be present with them.
When I'm with my husband, I want it to be in the moment.
When I'm cooking, writing, talking, thinking... I want everything to be intentional. On purpose.  

2015 Workbook

What is your word of the year? What speaks to you? 
What theme will you have for 2015?

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BritB said...

I listened to the audible version of "Good-Bye to Survival Mode" and was totally overwhelmed with all of the perceived changes I "need" to make. But I think it was the medium because I am NOT an auditory learner. I am visual and kinesthetic and so I think only hearing the to do lists totally overwhelmed me since I could not see them and therefore had no hope to conquer them! I did LOVE all of her ideas as I heard them, just couldn't retain it long enough to take action. I need to get the physical copy.