Friday, May 17, 2013

What's going on, folks?

Well, hello!

After helping my sister set up her blog the other night, I realized how much I've really missed sitting down every once and a while and telling the blogging world things they probably don't really care about. No, I'm just teasing. I love blogs, and reading others' blogs, and blogging myself. I have just put it on the backburner (on purpose, mind you) because there has been so much going on. But tonight I'm going to come back for however long I can. For starters, here's a picture of yours truly that my daughter took one morning while she walked around with our camera. Thankfully, it was after I had gotten dressed for the day. And no, I'm not trying to be snarky. The little one knows no boundaries yet. I just delete those guys.

I might as well upload a picture of my kiddos. (Uploading...) That's Little Olive, who's not so little anymore, at a whopping 3.5 years old. Next to her is my Little Huck at a stinking 1.5 years. This was pre-haircut, an experience carried out by his older sister. Do you want to see a picture of "post haircut"? Okay, hang on a second. 

 Let me find it for you. (Uploading is taking forever...) 

Okay, here we go.

Yeah, needless to say, I was just as ticked off (okay, I lied - way more ticked off) as this little man right here. I walk into the living room to see Little Olive snipping clumps of hair off the top of his head. I was shocked because she had cut her own hair a few weeks before and had gotten in trouble for it. I understand "all kids do that" but no one prepares you for the time when you walk into the dining room and see enormous holes in the legs of your daughter's pants - and after gasping "What on earth!?" about that, THEN you notice that the entire left side of her hair is shorter than the other. Picture, you ask? Okay.
She is melancholy...not because she was in trouble (this was taken hours later as to not give her hair-cutting incident any immediate attention), but just because that's how my little pulsatilla princess tends to be sometimes. <3 p="">
Back to Little Huck. I can't even tell you how much I loved Little Huck's gorgeous hair; buzzing him really broke my heart. I am against buzzing little boys because their long hair is just way cute.

But here they are, and all is well with the world.  They're healthy, happy (for the most part except when they fight - why do little kids fight?!), and they love each other a lot. 

I expected to write more tonight, but I think I'll sign off for now and make a point to come back again soon. 

Hope all's well with you!

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elizabethfrances said...

I'm so glad to know them and YOU! You are wonderful my dear friend!