Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Mama Zoe

My friends have been telling me for years now to watch the show Parenthood. So I finally started to do just that a few months ago. While I wouldn't recommend it for a really young crowd since morally it's not amazing, I flew threw the first three seasons during naptimes. I had been told that there was something amazing happening at the end of season 3, so I was pretty curious to keep going.

So we have a main character Julia, who is a successful lawyer and desperately wants another child. After months of trying to conceive, she finds she won't be able to. She and her husband Joel begin looking into adoption. So cool. Oddly enough, the coffee girl at Julia's work, whose name is Zoe, announces she is pregnant. She's young, living with her boyfriend, not into the pregnancy, and says she wants to put the baby up for adoption. Julia befriends her...and eventually she asks Zoe if she can adopt the baby.

Zoe says no.

It's troubling. Zoe explains she wants a fresh start and is going to close all options of adoption. She says it would just be too hard to go through with everything. It's clear she's looking into abortion.

Julia continues to be her friend...and slowly, their relationship grows. In a beautiful way, Zoe eventually agrees to let Julia and Joel adopt the baby. Zoe even moves in with them for a few months to get her life in order after she breaks up with her lame-o boyfriend.

Julia is right there at the hospital when the baby is born. Though it's quite dramatic (and I'm sure she wouldn't have had to scream as much if she'd been able to get off her back and into a more comfortable birthing position, but anyways, off my soapbox), the birth brought tears to my eyes. Zoe refuses to even look at her son...and says she doesn't want to hold him.

Julia's moment of becoming a new mother again had me forcing back tears. She takes the newborn into her arms and cries. It doesn't even seem like a tv show at that point...it looked so real. I cried along with her.

A couple days later, Julia's family is entering the hospital to pick up their baby and say goodbye to Zoe. Julia goes first so that Zoe is not overwhelmed. But then, as she passes the nursery to say hello to her son, she is shocked to find Zoe talking, smiling, and cuddling her little boy.

No words are spoken...the exchange takes place though glass windows. Julia is clearly upset and hurt...but Zoe is amazing. You see a transformation in her. Though she seems apologetic, she also looks protective, ready, and sure. There's no going back.

Though Julia's family is incredibly devastated over losing their chance at a new baby, the season quickly moves on to other dynamics. However, the awakening of motherhood in this young woman was so powerful and moving...I hope every one who saw it was as blown away as I that they would include such a beautiful, pro-life story in their show. There were no fluffy-frilly "choose life" scripts. Instead it was real, heartbreaking, and heartwarming.

Well done, Parenthood. So very well done.

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