Friday, December 14, 2012

Make Your Own Nursing Tops

The nursing/maternity fashion industry has a wide variety of clothes to help us during this time of change. As our bodies grow and develop during the nine months of a pregnancy, so do our wardrobes. There are several staple pieces that I would recommend getting - one of them being a slimming camisole to help you through those postpartum days. The others are nursing camisoles. And if you prefer to buy them, my strongest piece of advice to you is: shop clearance! Buying a $3 pair of maternity shorts/shirts in the middle of winter might seem silly, but you'll be happy you did when you're 8 months pregnant in the heat of August. Plus, shopping ahead can save you up to 90% instead of paying full price when you really need it. But when you don't find the great deals, you'll still need some clothes. If you don't have $35 to spend on a simple shirt with an extra layer so you can nurse your baby, or if you simply want to be frugal, here are some easy ways to make your own nursing tops!

1) Since layering is in style right now, this idea is awesome. What you'll need: tank tops, chalk, and scissors. I usually stock up on clearance tanks at the end of summer. You will be cutting these, so you can also use your old tank tops for this project. To begin: put the tank top on, and draw one line under each breast. Take off the tank top and cut the lines, making one slit under each breast. Don't make one big one. Make two. Depending on your bust size, you'll have to make them as big or small as you need. This idea allows any top to become a nursing top. It also provides so much coverage, you'll be comfortable and confident without a nursing tent - I mean, cover. :)

1b) I will add, however, that I do not use nursing bras, as they are cumbersome and expensive. I use regular bras (without underwires, of course), which make this nursing top option very easy. I don't have to play around up there looking for the plastic snap before unfolding the extra layer. If you have ever fussed with a nursing bra, you know what I'm talking about. Having the easy access slit allows me to pull everything up in one motion and latch my baby faster than you can say, "What?" :P

2) The second idea is to use a belly band. You might think those are just for pregnancy, but not necessarily. By using a belly band after giving birth, it will not only provide you with some shape, but it will also help you nurse with ease by freeing you from the need of a blanket/nursing cover. Besides, by buying from the link above, you're helping a stay-at-home mom's business!

That's all I got for you. You don't need the nursing tops, nursing cami's, nursing bras to make it work. I've been doing this for 14 months, and it's great.

Share your ideas if you do something differently!


LuAnn said...

Great ideas, Maggie! Making nursing accessible for both Mom and baby are keys to success!

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V said...

How do you finish the cut? Won't it just fray if you leave it? I'm not an experienced seamstress- I barely know what I'm doing on my sewing machine so I'd love some more elaboration on specifically how you proceed after you make your cuts in the shirt... Just cut and wear?

Maggie said...

Hi V! Usually I use a no-fray tank top, such as a knit. Eventually (over a year of wearing them), my edges begin to curl over. But it's not a problem otherwise. :)

Xpanda Bra said...

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