Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Healthy Ways to Feel Fuller Longer

Every since Little Huck began eating table food, I find that our family plows through the fridge in just a few days. I'll be thinking, But I just went to the store on Saturday! as I write up another shopping list. It can be very difficult to keep these kids full. With Little Olive doing her exercisers all day long (see photo to the right), and Little Huck doing everything in his power to sneak up the stairs, and me chasing after them, I too find myself growing hungry ten minutes after we finish cleaning up lunch!

The solution? Healthy, whole meals. Obviously, you may be thinking. But in all seriousness, it's true!

Instead of just toast and butter, I'll whip up some tasty celery sticks with peanut butter for a snack. Little Olive and Huck would eat peanut butter right out of the jar if I let them, so sometimes I'll make PB lollipops. Simply spoon peanut butter onto spoons, let them chill for a few minutes until firm, and serve. They're to die for! Add a glass of milk, and they have a nice snack. I cook their eggs in coconut oil or left over bacon grease. (When we can't afford bacon, having the flavor is amazing.) I add butter, cream cheese, and sometimes regular cheese to their mashed potatoes. When I serve veggies, I make sure they're buttery and salty so they gobble those peas and green beans right down! Yogurts for breakfast, or carrots dipped in salad dressing keep the kiddos smiling all day. (If only it were that easy!)

Share any secrets you have for keeping your kids happy and healthy with good food choices.

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