Friday, June 01, 2012

Why I bought an enormous sunhat
I had an eye-opening, jaw-dropping realization a couple weeks ago when I finally discovered why I can become a little irritable playing outside with the kids. While I can't believe I'm going to complain about the sun and the heat, I can believe it's the root of the problem. I always picture myself going in the backyard and chasing after my kids with a huge smile on my face, with their adorable giggling and laughing echoing off neighboring houses. What happens instead is my eyes squint, and I immediately become tired and uncomfortably warm. "Mommy, push me" becomes a dreaded phrase to hear while I try to stay awake in four inches of shade under our gutters.

In a desperate attempt one day to make it through the heat until naptime, I threw on my Hubby's baseball cap and marched outside. As we stood together, pushing our kids on the swings, Hubby remarked that the cap looked cute on me, and then admiringly stated, "I see you're Protecting Your Eyes Against The Sun. Good for you." I thanked him and curtsied.

Actually, I didn't. But I realized that the baseball cap kept me super cool, as in temperature. That afternoon, I went to the store and treated myself to one of those Kentucky Derby-ish hats with an enormous brim and a cute flower on the side. I wear it as often as I can when we're out in the sun, and it's amazing how comfortable it is. No wonder Mexicans wear sombreros! It's like wearing an umbrella on your head. Check it out, ladies. Let's bring hats back into fashion.

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nutschell said...

not a hat person myself, but i do enjoy seeing it on folks who carry it well:)