Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vaccines: Round Two

Last year I wrote a lengthy post on vaccines. Then I expressed my concerns about a few specific vaccines here. It was literally tearing me apart not knowing if I was making the best decision for my children. During our play dates, my SIL over at A Life Well Loved told me she felt the same way as I did. We didn't know what to do regarding the Pc and Hib vaccines. So we took it into our own hands to get some solid research and facts from a credible source, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. We had our minds put to ease once and for all. Below are the notes my SIL typed up. (I have to give her credit because her notes are a billion times better than mine.)

Hib vaccine

  • The bacteria for this vaccine was most common for meningitis that resulted from ear infections.
  • Less than 2% of people suffered from these ear infections, and only some of these ended up with meningitis.
  • This bacteria has barely been in circulation since ‘91.
  • Now, instead of preventing against these ear infections or meningitis, the vaccine does the opposite and lends one more susceptible to ear infections.
  • Hib really isn’t a threat anymore.
  • If a child has an ear infection, instead of vaccinating, treat the ear infection!  Use an antibiotic if need be.  Must address ear infection since it may be the 1st sign of meningitis!
  • The vaccine, once injected into the body, creates an antibody that looks for a certain amino acid sequence to "attack".
  • If the antibody cannot find that sequence, it looks elsewhere, attaching itself to other parts inside the body such as the heart, other organs, eyes, ears, etc.  This is where insulin levels can be messed up and diabetes can result.

Pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar 7 and Prevnar 13)

  • Works same as the above vaccine
  • Prevnar 7- you get 7 vaccines at one time. Likewise, you get 13 vaccines in one in Prevnar 13
  • Prevnar 13 was taken off the shelves in Japan and New Zealand because of the increase in seizures.
  • Prevnar was used to eliminate strep throat.
  • What these vaccines are doing is weakening the 7 or 13 strands of the illness but by doing so are strengthening the many other strands. Now when people come down with strep or worse, it is usually caused by the stronger strands -- not even the ones IN the vaccines! It was the weak strains of strep throat that would cause meningitis and septicemia (happened less than 1 in 1000). But now there are much stronger strains of strep now out there.

Both Hib and pneumococcal get into the ear through the throat into the Eustachian tube.  Be sure to treat the ear infection or strep throat!

Breastfed babies get antibodies through the iodine and colostrum in the breastmilk, so bacteria doesn’t get into the ear!

Babies, and breastfeeding moms, need high levels of iodine; it is critical for brain development and increases a person’s IQ by 10 pts.
  • A good source of iodine is sea veg or North Atlantic kelp.  Can give to toddlers as well.

Kids must also be on a probiotic, even the baby; there is a lactose-free kind called Culturelle.

These (iodine and probiotic) will prevent children from coming down with almost any infection!

Keeping good GI health is the most important! It’s not about the bug. It’s about each person’s individual health.

Health doesn’t come through a needle!  Vaccines won’t keep children healthy.

Also give vitamin D drops (1000 IU’s a day); keeps illness from becoming viral.

Rebuttal to vitamin D toxicity argument: you can’t really overdose on it.  In the 1930s, sailors were stranded at sea and ate polar bear meat and fat to stay alive.  Polar bears contain an extremely high level of vitamin D.  After several weeks on this diet only, these sailors became ill and were vomiting. Their levels of vitamin D were in the 1000’s.  As long as you don’t eat a polar bear, you should be good ;)  

Our population as a whole now has vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D also protects against cancer and other illnesses!

Meningitis in schools
  • As for dorming, meningitis is NOT more prevalent on a college campus or dorm room.  There is no higher incident in a dorm. It is more prevalent in general society.
  • Check out Holistic Moms online. These groups can help families regarding vaccine exemptions, school and state guidelines, etc.


Megan said...

Thank you for this post! We haven't vaccinated my daughter and she is 17 months. I orginally was going to do a few when she turned 1, but ended up deciding not to. I was just reevaluating our decision and this helped me so much in making the decision not to vaccinate again.

Maggie said...

@Megan, I'm really glad it helped you! Thanks for letting me know it did.