Friday, May 04, 2012

Thoughts on this year's election

I'm so pleased to be able to share these wise thoughts with you regarding the 2012 general election from a good friend of mine, David Tobit. Comments and questions are welcomed to we can all start talking about this.  

For past conversations, I think everyone knows I've argued the point that we must vote for Romney because he is the better alternative and that any vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama. I've cited the Ross Perrot anecdote too.

As of late, I'm considering that I may have been wrong. I think the GOP used fear the same way the Dems do. "Anyone is better than Obama, so here, we will push this moderate Romney, and know you'll vote for him because we've convinced you that as bad as it is, it will get worse unless you vote the Dem out." But, what if we do all vote for Romney (who no one is crazy about), and then he loses, and then in 2016, it's say, Romney vs Pelosi, and once again, we all feel we have to vote for mediocrity out of fear of the alternative. When do we stop, and demand that we deserve better?

There is no good time to change. Ron Paul is different than Perrot because Perrot was alone, no momentum. Ron Paul is the embodiment of a cause that started after the 2008 midterms and hasn't slowed down since. 

I believe in economics, and free markets correct themselves. The only way the GOP will ever chose a Constitutionalist like Ron Paul is if they realize that unless they do, they don't get the conservative vote. Let them lose a few times while we vote for people who love, follow and uphold our Constitution, and the GOP will either change and accept us, or we will grow and become a dominant party. If we play right into their Fear Tactics, that it's going to be catastrophic unless we vote GOP, things will never change.

Look, Romney will be better than Obama. If Romney is captain of the ship, the ship will be run more efficiently, the service will be better onboard, and the people inboard will have a better time and more money while on the ship. However, neither Obama nor Romney is going to drastically change the ships course. We're headed for the iceberg either way. Unless someone turns the whole thing around and heads back to its origin. And that's the constitutionalist movement.



Judy said...

I can assure you that Romney loves, follows and will uphold the Constitution.

Maggie said...

@Judy, I can respect that. I would rather vote for someone whose track record shows that, though.