Monday, May 21, 2012

Groovy 60s Costumes

How crazy is it that fashion recycles itself, and that vintage is a popular style these days. Bathing suits from the 50s, pants from the 80s, hair-dos from the 70s are coming back into circulation. In a way, it makes us want to learn about the 60s and figure out why people wore what they did. Despite how much we look at photographs from decades ago and think, "Did people really wear that?" it's inevitable that those same styles will be making it to the runway and your favorite fashion stores this very season.

Some of my favorite fashions come from the 60s. So when it came time for me to pick out a costume, I immediately checked out that genre first. Browsing through 60s costumes is an absolute blast. I could've been a go-go dancer, a superstar with awesome bouffant hair, or a full-fledge hippie. I went with a hippie and ordered the super cute 60s patchwork skirt.

When my skirt arrived, I was ecstatic. The fit was perfect, and the material was really soft. I was impressed that it was a genuine patchwork skirt - not just a print on fabric to make it look that way. The colors are vibrant, and the stitching appears to be very durable and secure. I am so pleased with this skirt and would recommend it to anyone needing that perfect hippie skirt. I can honestly say the length is the only thing I could complain about - it's just a little long for me. But then again, I'm only 5'3".

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