Friday, April 27, 2012


Mr. Wiggle Bottoms, that is. That's what we've started calling Baby Huck ever since he escaped from his Super Swaddle a few weeks ago.  So crazily active, scooting around on the ground, on his tummy, climbing into our laps and trying to stand himself up.

I was so tired this afternoon after Little Olive fell asleep. I brought Huck into bed and just closed my eyes while he played next to me for a while then started getting more quiet. He would roll onto his stomach, rest his head on the mattress, then pop back up a few moments later. It was time for sleep, Mr. Wiggle Bottoms!

As this became less frequent and with longer intervals inbetween, I opened my eyes to watch him. Behind his pacifier, he would smile though his eyes were closed. Just when I thought he'd dozed off, he'd let out an excited gasp and flip over onto his back, and then quickly settle back into his sleep. He even made me laugh a few times. Not only does he wake up with a beautiful smile, but now he's falling asleep with one. 

I just love that little guy.


Judy said...

He sounds like a very happy little guy!

Natalie said...

So cute!! :) I love the nickname!