Saturday, April 21, 2012

Routines and Rewind

I heard a beautiful, bittersweet quote this past winter...

The days are long, but the years are short.

Can you totally relate to that or what? Sometimes I feel like I'm doing the same routine, day in and day out. Women in the grocery store lines will wave their hands and say, "Oh, enjoy every moment with your little angels." But that is not easy. Nobody enjoys every single moment. (Generalized statement has been realized.) But when I don't, I feel like I'm failing at life. If I look back on the day and realize I wasn't treasuring every single, trying moment, I beat up on myself. I should be treasuring everything!! I'm Exceptional! 

Instead what I've started doing (just this past week, so we'll see how long I can keep it up. Cheer for me from the sidelines! Let's go. Go team, go!), is trying to focus every once in a while during the day and pick a moment to actively treasure. It's pretty easy to do when I remember. 

For example, after a diaper change, I'll scoop up Little Huck in my arms and lock eyes. We both smile and eventually laugh or giggle. Then he'll reach out and pull my face toward him - usually to chew on, but I pretend it's a kiss.

It's truly a beautiful moment. I could have just busied him with a toy while I went and washed my hands. But now I have a memory instead.

See how easy?

Little Olive's moments require a little more determination to capture. She's usually strutting around singing/yelling, "HIKK, LMNOP" into anything that looks like a microphone - even a butter knife.

But she can also be extremely affectionate, and once she's in a kissy mood, it's hard to distract her. If I ask for a hug or kiss, she doesn't usually hesitate to come plowing into my arms. (Toddlers are not the most graceful creatures, are they?)

It's her "pulsatilla" moods that are harder for me to handle. The weepy, whiny, "Mommy hold me, please", can't-decide-whether-she-wants-peanut-butter-on-a-spoon-or-peanut-butter-swamich moods usually send me through the roof.

I'm proud to say I've remembered a couple times to drop everything that I'm doing, get down at her eye level, and say, "Okay, look at my eyes. Stop whining. What do you need?"

"Ahhhh, I waaaant....peanut butter on a swamich...ahhhh...chocolate milk...hold me-"

"Do you need a hug?"

After a good, long, bear hug, we're both recharged. Seriously, a hug is the best way to get back to a baseline. It helps both of us calm down, focus, and it dissipates any rising frustration or tension.  And now I have a positive moment to remember from the day...a moment that we both stopped trying to be the "winner" and instead just got through it together. 

What are some ways you could capture moments in the busy bustle of life?


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Natalie said...

I have been trying to remember this, too... I am finally getting better at it with #4... doing much better at not getting frustrated that he wants to be held 99.5% of the day and night, or that he's teething, or that the 3-year-old is a walking (running) tornado! Those slobbery kisses and the death grip on my sleeve or collar just mean that baby wants to be hugged and held. By me. He's not even a daddy's boy... just mommy. And that's ok. So as LOOOONG as a lot of these days seem right now, the months and years are really such a blur of time gone by way too quickly. I am so much more content as a mother now that I am finally learning to treasure more of these tiring but oh-so-precious moments that will never come again!