Thursday, April 19, 2012

P is for Pleasant

Whilst attempting to be positive and create a happy atmosphere, people sometimes fall into a dangerous trap of ingenuity. Everything has to be pleasant. Conversations need to be pleasant. Visits need to be pleasant. Dinners need to be pleasant. Holidays need to be pleasant. Long-awaited catch-ups from long-lost friends need to be pleasant. Short, little phone conversations need to be pleasant. And while we try so hard to make sure things stay pleasant, we sometimes lose track of reality. I know I do. And when I bring this idea up to others, they let out this huge, exasperated breath as if they've finally met someone who noticed this too. I have nothing wise to say in this matter, except perhaps we could all just try to be aware. Try not to lose touch with yourself and the emotions of the moment. Because by doing so, we really create unpleasant circumstances. Tension that you could cut with a knife. Mentally exhausting conversations. Nobody wants that, eh? Alright, I'm off.

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