Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for Nursing Tops (how to make your own)

Today's post is mostly for women...nursing moms, to be exact.

I'd like to tell you how I make every top/shirt/sweater of mine "nursing" accessible! There are usually two main concerns when a mother breastfeeds: 1) coverage up top and 2) coverage around the belly. I've seen moms nurse with blankets, covers, or use their arms to hide that post baby belly. Read on, and you might not have to do that anymore!

Be covered, be comfy, be confident
First order of business: I do not use nursing bras, nursing cami's, or even expensive "nursing shirts" with slits that open sideways. These are all quite cumbersome, in my humble opinion. I use regular bras; whenever I find them on clearance at Target, I'll grab a couple. I then make a small cut with scissors and slide out the underwire. Nursing moms have to be careful about underwire - it can really mess with the milk ducts and cause blockage or infection. You might be asking, "But how do you nurse with a regular bra?" It's easy...you just lift up instead of snapping an extra layer down. All my nursing clothes work on the "lifting up" approach rather than unsnapping, unfolding, pulling down, etc.

First way to make any top a nursing top - Use a Belly Band:
Find an old, knit tank top, a size smaller than usual, and cut off the top. Wear it around your torso. Make sure it's snug and close-fitting. Wear your regular bra, and then whatever shirt, sweater, or tank of your choice. When it comes time to nurse, simply lift your normal shirt, and you have access to the boob while your tummy is covered. Super cool. :)

Second way to make any top a nursing top - Make a Nursing Tank:
Since layering is in style right now, this idea is awesome. What you'll need: tank tops, chalk, and scissors. I usually stock up on clearance tanks at the end of summer. You will be cutting these, so you can also use your old tanks for this project.
To begin: put the tank top on, and draw one line under each breast. Take off the tank top and cut the lines, making two slits. Don't make one big one - make two (trust me). When it comes time to nurse, simply lift your normal shirt, and you have access to the boob.

These ideas provide so much coverage, you'll be comfortable and confident needing a blanket or nursing cover. :)


Natalie said...

I think you mean, "...WITHOUT needing a blanket..." :)

I have one nursing bra that I love, but they don't make it anymore. I, too, use mostly regular bras that I adapt for nursing purposes... usually lifting from the bottom, but sometimes pulling down (it depends on the bra). I love your tank idea and will definitely try it soon! I hate nursing tanks because the "slits" are always showing. I had a couple from an eBay bundle and never ended up using them because the slits just showed right through. Not very practical, in my opinion! ;)

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