Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jesus and Little Olive

As a disclaimer, I have never told my toddler that Jesus was sad with her behavior. I'm not sure where she gets the idea...but every single time she sits on the potty, something inside her brain triggers the Jesus conversations.

Little Olive started it off today by saying, "Jesus is so, so sad." She closes her eyes as she says the "so's".

"Why is Jesus sad?" I ask.

"Petuz..." she thinks for a moment. "Petuz Jesus is so, so sad and went up into the sky, and it was so, so bad!"

"Jesus went up into the sky?"

"Yeah...Jesus went up into the sky! (arms fly up overhead at this exclamation) And then, and then, Jesus just...just hit me!" she shows me.

"What! Jesus did not hit you."

"Yeah, Jesus hit me so, so bad! And I was so sad...and Jesus was so sad at Little Huck."

"He was?"

"Yeah, he said, 'No hittin your baby sister!'" She places her head in her hands, as if she is going through such turmoil over this. I'm dying trying to keep a straight face. In a mothering way, I tried to explain that Jesus will go up into the sky in a few weeks, and that Jesus never hits anyone. I said Jesus hugs everyone because He loves them. She listened pretty well but started another so, so bad story about something with her younger brother. What I would give to be in the mind of Little Olive sometimes.


LuAnn said...

No wonder Jesus said "...for unto them is the kingdom of Heaven." I can just see Him smiling while she was telling her little tale!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness.... what a sweetheart... and what a story-teller! :)