Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Daddy's 1/4 Life Crisis (with pictures!)

There he goes
My handsome stallion of a husband bought a scooter this past weekend. (A what?) A's faster than a moped but slower than a motorcycle. He walked into the house with sunglasses on yesterday, visibly strutting. He thinks he's so cool now.

Back-up a bit...

My hubby has always wanted to go down to one car. But with his jobs and everything, it has been very convenient, if not verging on necessary, for us to have two. He always said, "If I got a teaching job at the college down the street, we're going to be a one car family." Well, we all know how scarce teaching jobs are. But -- they are around!

He landed one at a local high school - literally just down the road. So he has plans to sell his car, and has already bought his new mode of transportation. He found some great insurance rates for it, and we are going to save a load on that and gas (the tank only holds one gallon!) in place of a car. It's an enormous change...but I'm terrified. Bikers are not respected or protected on the road. My husband is a very safe driver, but it doesn't mean much with the crazy lunatics out on the road. I'm making him buy solid, well-made gear - like a helmet. Ain't no way he's skimping on stuff like that.

Even though I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, I still want a ride on it. Come on, you know it sounds fun.