Tuesday, April 03, 2012

B is for Big Spender

 For those of you just stopping by for the A-Z challenge, you'll see soon that I'm always up for a great deal. I get daily e-mails from Groupon, LivingSocial, and Birch Creek Mom. I think it's important to try to spend less, pay off debts, and live more simply. Whenever we go shopping or out to eat, we always check to see if we have any coupons or discounts. Some people might not need to, but necessity shouldn't be the only reason for frugality. It can be a test to one's character and lifestyle to cut back and slow down.

Maybe you could give it a try!

Seeing deals on the above-mentioned websites makes me realize I don't always have to spend the full-price on items and can wait for a good deal to come around. What's your take on this?


ElaineLK said...

It's a great idea, but unfortunately I can't seem to get into habit of coupon clipping. It seems like too much time and trouble to me. I do appreciate it when my grocery store gives me coupons for things I buy regularly--especially my favorite cereal!

Natalie said...

Money Saving Mom......... she's been such a huge help! Free samples, huge deals, free homeschool resources, organizational ideas, and so much more!!!