Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amber Teething Necklace

I've written about teething (<-- actual post of mine) before and praised the homeopathic product Camilia for saving Little Olive when her teeth started coming through two years ago. Well, now it's Little Huck's turn. After his two bottom teeth popped, I was desperate for something to relieve his pain.

The reason I started looking into other options is because a box of Camilia cost me about $6, which isn't expensive at first. However, one box only has 12 doses, and we went through our first box with Little Huck very quickly. I was thinking to myself, "Another year of one box every couple weeks? No thank you."

Then some fellow natural moms raved about their Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces for their babies. I did some research and decided to buy one. I used my Swagbucks to get Amazon.com gift cards, and practically purchased mine for free. (That's why I love Swagbucks, by the way. And no this is not a paid post in any way - I use Swagbucks to get anything I need from Amazon.)

So the necklace came and we have been golden ever since.

Despite what it may sound like, the baby does not actually chew on the amber necklace. Amber is naturally anti-inflammatory, and simply wearing it on the skin will aid in teething discomfort. I can honestly say - it works! Little Huck's cheeks went from being red to their normal tone. His excessive drooling stopped. And while he does chew on things still, he never acts like his mouth is hurting him. It's amazing.

You can find teething necklaces on Etsy, on Amazon, or from other natural parenting stores. Mine came to about $25, including shipping. Make sure the necklace is knotted around each bead so that the child will not choke if it breaks. I've also read that a variety of tones is better than one. I also purchased a "raw" necklace, as opposed to one that is "finished and shined". Huck's necklace is on him 24/7, except when bathing. I would really recommend it to all moms. 


i.ikeda said...

good to know for the next little one. I used Camilia with N. as well, but as you said, those boxes go very quickly.

MB said...

Huck looks so cute with his little necklace :)