Friday, February 10, 2012

Upset at Hunger Games

This week's topic is Upset. Very fitting, if you ask me because I just finished reading Mockingjay - the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy. If you haven't read the books and plan to, you should probably stop reading right now. Major spoiler alert below.


I'll give you a few more empty lines to avert your eyes and not spoil anything...

If you have read the books and want to join in the discussion, continue below:

First of all, I loved, loved LOVED the first book! Seriously, could not put it down! The writing was captivating. Simple, I think, but creative and thrilling. The characters very well-developed and believable, though a tad typical. Katniss was a little irritating to me. She was angry 99% of the time, but she had good reason to be, so I let it slide. The storyline - eerie as all heck. Seriously, teenagers killing each other? Horrible. The Capitol had way too much control. Very 1984ish if you ask me. But such a great book. The love story was just perfect - though it had me begging for more at the end. Peeta or Gale? My choice was Gale. 100%. Even though Peeta was awesome too, I'll admit. But come on, Gale was it. You could just tell.

Was literally going crazy until I had Catching Fire in my hands. Plowed through the book faster than the first. Page 96? Amazing! But as it got going, it became heavy...very sad. Predictable in some ways but threw me through a loop in others. Such a traumatic ending. Felt hesitant to read the third.

But I read the third. Took me a few days...but I'll admit...I really didn't enjoy it anymore. It felt very rushed, and the writing was confusing. Gale was turning into Mr. Jerk, and I didn't know why. I felt like the author didn't have a good explanation for why Katniss wouldn't pick him, so she started leaving him out and only including him for a miserable fight with Katniss here and there. I kept hoping they would make up and make it through together, but it just got worse.

The war/rebellion was brutal, realistic, and Katniss' mood only made it more dreary to read. The ending was beyond confusing for me as I had to read several pages over again to understand what had just happened. Wait, Prim died? Because of Gale? Are we serious... way to lamely get rid of Gale. It truly made me upset. Nothing against Peeta. He's like the nicest guy - but so bland, in my opinion. And didn't he hate her for 3/4 of the book anyway? I know it wasn't his fault, but still.

And at the last minute, we find out President Coin is evil? And President Snow told the truth? Katniss never even dug around to find out about anything. To find out if Gale was responsible.

She just went home, eventually married Peeta, and eventually had children...and yeah. That's how the book ended.

I understand it's a very realistic way of displaying war, trauma, and human pain. But this is geared toward young adults, like young teens. I'm sorry. I'm almost 25 years old, and these books shook me to pieces (not to mention Cato's death seriously had me growing nauseous). I don't think someone half my age should really be reading this. Not saying they should be sheltered or only read about rainbows and unicorns, but this felt very, very intense to me.

On the flip side, I'm very sensitive, so maybe this affected me more than it will others. But I hope I'm not alone in the fact that I wanted somewhat of a happy ending. At least just have let her be with Gale...maybe that's all I really wanted. That makes way more sense than being with Peeta. She felt doomed at the thought of marrying him in Book 2, did she not? It seemed like she would have wanted Gale in the end.

Thoughts are welcome!


The Frizzy Hooker said...

When the twin died in that other YA series, I cried over my kitchen sink for a whole minute
I know what you mean

danneromero said...

i decided not to read the rest of your write.. only because i just finished book one.. and want to continue..

i'll stop by later..

and thanks for stopping to read my upset story...

Brenda Stevens said...

don't know why..but just can't seem to get into trilogy's or reading any fiction novels at this time Don't know why..maybe due to interior cleansing?

bet you could write a great one!

Word Nerd said...

I started to read, but read just enough to make me want to check out the first book, so I didn't finish your post. So many books, so little time.

BritB said...

I agree! The last book seemed VERY rushed, especially the last 20 pages or so. I get very attached to the characters so the ending was very ahrd to take. It almost seems like the author was going to write a 4th book but at the end of the 3rd decided against it. I really do wish Katniss would have looked into Prims death. I rationalied the ending to myself. I decided that since Peeta and Katniss went through TWO hunger games together, that is why they ended up together. However, I can see that fact leading to a final separation in order to move past those events. So frustrating. I just wish there was more reason behind the ending. It just feels unfinished.