Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Talkin bout hard times

I recently listened to Dave Ramsey's audio book, The Total Money Makeover. It was phenomenal. My older siblings are all doing the steps to become debt free, and we're just starting now. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. If you want a taste of Mr. Ramsey, here's my Christmas gift to you: Dumping Debt. A free download! Money is such a necessary thing, and it's really great knowing some tips to handle and grow it safely.

My husband started two new jobs this past week. One is teaching (his dream job), and the other is a management position within his company. We're feeling very blessed right now. Jobs are so difficult to come by, especially those with benefits or decent wages. Even with all the job websites, people are still struggling. But you know, there's always nursing. Goodness knows we need nurses!

But I'm very grateful my husband didn't have to go back to school to get better jobs. It takes a lot of stress away knowing we'll be able to start snowballing that debt and get rid of all the school loans! Stay tuned for such accomplishments.

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