Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just another December day

Little Huck turned two months yesterday. The little angel is absolutely precious. Sometimes when he smiles, he becomes so excited he'll actually wink. We just love him to pieces. He's really into chewing on his hands and talking at the same time, which results in a gurgly, silly conversation. He is a very docile baby. We wonder if it's because 1) we know what we're doing better this time around or 2) I did hypnobirthing rather than watching "24" the whole pregnancy, lessening the amount of adrenaline he received as opposed to Little Olive, or 3) he's a different baby with a different personality. That sounds about right. :)

Handsome Stallion is doing great. Still keeping busy with some projects around the house, such as handcrafting Christmas gifts or re-caulking the bathroom. Oh the joy of home-owning! We had a coupon and a gift card, so we went to a local Italian restaurant this past weekend. It was delicious...and he even caved to let Huck use the pacifier so we could eat in quiet. :)

Kila is just dandy. She's such a tiny little dog that she's often cold and shivery on these chilly days. She even wanted to cuddle with me last night while I was typing up another blog post. I felt so special.
Little Olive. Oooh, our sweet little olive. Always busy, busy, busy. For some absolutely crazy reason, she has taken to calling me "Mommia" or "Momly." I cannot tell you honestly how I feel about this, for when they come out in a whine, it's like nails on a cheese grater. But when she does it just to be silly, I laugh out loud. What I'd like to know is, where did these names come from? It's better than her oh-so-adult phrases, such as, "Um, hey Mom...?"

"Um, hey what? And why are you talking like a teenager??"

This crazy little thing called life. 

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