Monday, November 14, 2011

We made it one month!

Little Huck is one month!
Well, we made it! Little Huck turned one month old yesterday. I know you could probably write the next couple sentences for me...about how fast time flies and how quickly those babies grow up. So I'll spare you the cliches myself.

Actually, no I shan't. Sorry, I just have to...

My baby is getting so big already! How did a whole month go by since he was born?? How has it been 30 days??

:) I am completely serious, by the way. It's so bittersweet!

It has been a good month. No complaints, though still a little different than what I expected. After Little Olive's birth, I felt great. This time it took a little longer. It was like my body was sticking it to me: You had a great labor? Watch postpartum hit you.

And it did. I wouldn't go as far as to say I had PPD, but I definitely cried a lot more this time around. I felt more stressed and overwhelmed. When I was with Little Olive and Little Huck, I was fine. No problem bonding or being a mom. But just life was a little more mopey than usual. I also had "afterbirth pains" that I do NOT remember having with L.O. They feel like contractions - and they're bad. They lasted a few days.

But thankfully, things seem to be under control right now. I had to get into a rhythm for that to happen.

1. First off, I had to accept that my house was not going to be constantly clean. After a great summer of clearing out and cleaning up, I grew accustomed to a neat home, and I took pride in keeping up on all the housework. My countertops shined and glistened. Not so much anymore. My mom and sister really helped me realize that there are other things that need me more. So now, dishes sit for a little while longer. Laundry piles up a bit more. And Little Olive's toys are not neatly organized in their designated bins. Some things are just more important, and a clean house is not everything!

2. When Little Olive was born, I held her for almost every single nap. My world revolved around her all day long. I spent my winter cuddling with her and watching all 8 seasons of Gilmore Girls from start to finish. However, I can't hold Little Huck during all his naps. I'd love to, and I do whenever I can. But I learned that his naptimes are really when I can give Little Olive the attention she needs. I secure Huck in our bedroom for a couple hours while he snoozes away, and I focus on her. A part of me is sad that I can't give him my attention 100% of the time, but if he's sleeping, he's happy.

3. I said "yes!" to everyone who offered to make a dinner. Dinners are a wonderfully delicious comfort at the end of the day, especially when you don't have to make them. :) So thank you: Mom, Dad, Dan, Marie, Kiera, Donna, and Sheri.

4. My Mom insisted that I take a break from cloth diapering for a good month. She bought me several packs of disposables which really made my life much easier. I'm a huge advocate of cloth - but without the poopy laundry hanging over my head, I was a better-functioning woman. Thanks, Mom!

5. I started to exercise. Remember my review about Lindsay Brin's dvd's back in April? Well, I'm doing her boot camp dvd now! It's not "boot camp" like crazy, nutso, can't handle it. It's totally enjoyable. She fits in a full workout including warm-up, cardio, weights, core, and cool-down in only a half hour. It's awesome. It has definitely helped my mood too! So if you're feeling a little down after having a baby, definitely do some exercises. From the most unmotivated person in the world, trust me, it will help!

Well, perfect timing. Little Huck is starting to grunt...that's how he wakes up. Gotta go!


Jenni said...

awwwwww He is sooooo cute! You are very blessed. Wonderful blog and I hope you will continue to take people up on their offers to help. Even the smallest thing can lighten some of your daily load. Keep up posted We love to see pics :)

MB said...

Huck is SOoooooo CUTE :D

i.ikeda said...

Awwww, just look at that handsome little baby! I can't wait to meet him. And I agree on the exercise - it always boosts my mood. I just have to force it into my routine more...