Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Poem

I heard a beautiful poem this Thanksgiving Day that I wanted to share with everyone. It really made me appreciate some not-so-pleasantries of life after hearing it:

Be thankful for the clothes that fit a little too snug, because it means you have enough to eat.
Be thankful for the mess you clean up after a party, because it means you have been surrounded by friends.
Be thankful for the taxes you pay, because it means you're employed.
Be thankful that your lawn needs mowing and your windows need fixing, because it means you have a home.
Be thankful for your heating bill, because it means you are warm.
Be thankful for the laundry, because it means you have clothes to wear.
Be thankful for the space you find at the far end of the parking lot, because it means you can walk.
Be thankful for the lady who sings off-key behind you in church, because it means you can hear.
Be thankful when people complain about the government, because it means we have freedom of speech.
Be thankful for the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours, because it means you're alive.
Taken from Ann Landers' 11/22/01 column.

I wanted to wait a few days after the holiday to post about thankfulness. Otherwise, it would have been lost in the crowd. Taking time to be thankful doesn't have to end the moment Black Friday shopping begins. But I'll be honest, sometimes it can be really difficult finding the bright side of life. When you're tired and worn out, and there's so much needing to be done, it's hard to sit there and think, "But I'm so thankful because I had a bed to sleep in and covers to keep me warm all night." Instead you think, "What the is crap...I need a nap...grr..." But maybe after seeing this poem, you can look at life with a new perspective. Instead of complaining about how much your bills are, be thankful that there are good companies that offer motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates. Instead of complaining about the spills the kids are making, be thankful they can hold their glasses of milk all by themselves. Just be thankful for everything!

As your assignment, class, think of something that is annoying and turn it around in a positive way. Leave it in the comments below!


MB said...

I really do love that poem, I love things like that that make you think!

Well I guess I'm a little annoyed with all the sugary, fatty, and not-so-healthy food that comes out in the holidays, as I've been trying to eat healthier lately, this doesn't help! But I can be thankful for it because it means I will not go hungry and the people who serve and make it are generous people! :D

Great post!

BritB said...

I am thankful that I have a healthy baby girl who wakes me up every couple of hours during the night to eat. :) I am tired but there is not much more you can ask for than a healthy baby. :)
- Brit B.

Kiera said...

haha nearly brought me to tears there, mags, til i died laughing at "companies that offer motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates"
llololololoolol. that'll take me a second to recover. HAHAHAHAH still laughing. AHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Maggie said...

Kiera! LOL. They didn't give me any keywords! That long description was the only thing in the e-mail! It got approved. lol

Anonymous said...

I know I'm thankful vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates-maudrey