Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Do you remember when online shopping was first becoming popular? Some people loved it - others wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. You had the diehard shoppers clicking away on their computers that first Black Friday, while everyone else was shoving each other at the local Wal Marts. The risk of being trampled was safer than trusting "that computer" with all their credit card information. That's what my Grandma calls it, "That computer." All the pictures aren't in albums anymore; they're on "the computers." People don't go to the mall anymore; they shop on "those computers." It's so sweet. I can only imagine what newfangled ways of life will be around when I'm 91 years old.

Whenever I sell something on craigslist, it's almost guaranteed that I will be contacted by a scammer. They probe for my information and suggest that their "assistant" meets with me to deliver the check (because of course, they just need to have my $20 couch and offer me $60 for it so I will hold it for them - because lo and behold, they're out of town!). It used to make me nervous, but now I just tell them to never contact me again or I'll report them to the authorities. Then I call them a scammer. It's quite satisfying.

I really would feel bad if they were truly honest, generous people who just want my couch.

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