Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My trips to Target have changed

My sister used to be a cashier at Target, and she couldn't believe how often people would come through her line with a $150+ total and say, "I don't know what happened; I just came in for paper towels."

Beware this Christmas season...
Let me tell you what happened: you walked into Target. And that store is amazing for making you think you're finding a great deal, or that you need everything you see. I know this from experience. While I've never gone in for only one thing and came out overdrafting my account, I have experienced the draw of thinking I'll use everything I find on clearance. End-caps, full of items with tempting red stickers, are dangerous. And I'm sorry, but salon-grade shampoo for 15% off isn't really worth it. You're still looking at a $16 bottle of hair cleaner. Or what about those Halloween party supplies marked down at 30% off. Even though the holiday's over, you could buy them for next year! (Then they'll sit in a closet for ages until you decide to put them in the 25 cent bin at your next garage sale. Because guess what? You never had and never will have a Halloween party no matter how many purple ghost plates you bought.)

This past summer I told myself I was going to stop spending money on things we didn't need. This meant I had to stop going to stores (Target, I'm looking at you) altogether. I had to stop treating stores as a way of just "getting out of the house". I'm a huge clearance rack shopper, and I still believe it is the best way to get what you need, but I realized there wasn't much that we really needed after all. I usually check out the 50-75% off racks of clothes, hoping to find a great deal on maternity items. But more often than not, what's left over is usually plus size maternity - not my size. So I stopped going into the women's section.

My next crutch was the baby section. Just as you can't help doting over a new baby, you can't help picking up or touching every cozy, fleece sleeper you see. Or a sweet little bathing suit with green polka dots. But do they have enough pajamas? Yes. Do they have their own bathing suits? Yes. Then as much as a bright red sign saying, "Only $12.99!" is calling your name, you have to walk away.

I'm happy to say I now can go in and out of stores purchasing only what I need. There have been many occasions where I've proudly told my husband, "I went into Target today and left without buying anything!" I don't think he believed me at first, but our bank statement backed me up. I love saving money and finding great deals. It's nice that the two can still be separated.

What's your weakness when it comes to shopping?


i.ikeda said...

I know what you mean, but Target isn't my black hole of consumerism.... It's Joans or AC Moore or Michaels! I sometimes need just a small item for a new project, but once I'm in there I keep getting ideas for everything I see. To be fair, I do end up using most of it. But did I need it? No. I can most certainly find cheaper fabric elsewhere, and supplies too. It's just so convenient and tempting. Ugh.

For clothes though, I'm pretty good with resisting temptation. And I try to go to thrift stores or Marshalls, TJ Max and the sort. Then, once in there I hang out around the clearance rack too - I've found super cute stuff for $1-$3!

Jenni said...

I feel the same way. I was recently tempted to switch to a Wal-mart pharmacy because of their advertised low low prices until I realized that I might be saving $10 on my prescription but what was I going to buy while I was waiting the Hour for it to be filled..STUFF I DONT NEED !! haha Great Blog thanks for posting!!