Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My child is NOT very adanced. Are we all on the same page now?

It recently came to my attention that people do not realize my blog title is a joke. It rubs them quite the wrong way. Unfortunately, these are people who only found my facebook page and/or never actually went to my blog to read some posts. Instead, they took the title seriously and assumed I'm here to actually talk about how advanced my child is. It caused a bit of a stir yesterday, and now I know that people do not understand how hilarious I am or how to relate to my amazing sense of dry humor.

(Kidding, okay? I'm not a funny person.)

For the record, back on January 19, I changed my blog around. See here. So if people had been following religiously like they were supposed to, they would be on board with the whole shebang. (Kidding.) But I know, we are mostly busy, working/stay-at-home moms, so I'll give them all a break.

I think Little Olive and Little Son (I still need to give him a code name) are amazing children. I love them more than life itself. So if my talking about them comes off as arrogant, I truly apologize. Having been around children my whole life, you'd think I'd be used to them by now and just go with the flow. On the contrary. Having your own children is a completely different story. Everything my kids do amazes me. Not because they're special, advanced, or different - but because their lives are beautiful miracles and I can't believe that I'm watching my children develop and grow. I'm very shaken by death and people's stories of losing their children. Life is way too short, people. And babies grow up so fast. I want to treasure every moment with them, love them to pieces, and record as much as I can.

The past couple months, my blog has taken a different turn. Earlier posts (see June 2011 and prior) were still mostly themed to my genre of natural living, attachment parenting, etc. But now I've started to monetize and I've been treating this as more of a journal. What can I say, when the household appliances break down, we need funds for our kitchenaid food processor parts. (Not kidding.) I still work on themed topics as much as possible, so stick around for them. My point is that things change, and the blog is following along to meet my family's needs.

At first I was aggravated by all this, but I gave it a lot of thought. After considering whether or not I should apologize to everyone I have offended by my blog title, I decided it was unnecessary. I never meant anything negative or even serious by those five words. I did nothing wrong by naming my blog after a family inside joke. If people are going to judge a blog by its title and write it off without reading anything else, then those are probably just people who miss out on a lot of other wonderful things by being so quick to judge. (Oh yes, I just insinuated that my blog is a wonderful thing.)

On the flipside of life, my babies are now awake from their naps and we're going to have a delicious lunch of chicken and biscuits.  The sun is beaming outside, and it's supposed to be semi-warm. A great day to go get our milk from the farm. See, life is beautiful after all. :)


Sam Clark said...

What a wonderful way to explain your blog.....me being one of the people that misunderstood your title, not only appreciated you message yesterday, but am grateful of your explanation. Motherhood is one of the best things a woman can go through...my children are almost 11 and 3 and half, I am still in awe that I have them...and love watching them grow and change....I shall be an avid reader from now on :-)

MB said...

Your son's code name should be Huck/Huckleberry (you know why lol)

Mel said...

I enjoy your blog, Maggie!!