Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My child is making a liar out of me

My little pulsatilla princess clung to me as I stood in line at a store this past summer. The cashier and I were chit-chatting about my huge belly, the non-gender of the baby inside, and the pregnancy in general. That's when she nodded toward Little Olive and asked, "How do you think she'll be with a new baby?"

"Oh gosh," I replied, kissing L.O.'s head. "Probably not good at all."

The same conversation replicated itself countless times over the course of my pregnancy. My firstborn, while extremely independent, is also a mush. She loves cuddling, being held, having my undivided attention (hence why I blog during naps), and being carried everywhere we go. Heaven forbid I try putting her in the cart at a store. The very thought of shopping with two children worried me. Life was going to be awesome. I was told by someone (who was trying to be very uplifting, obviously), "You don't know what you're in for." 

I didn't, but the surprise was so sweet. Little Olive embraced her little brother's arrival like a true champ. Whenever she sees him, she exclaims, "Oooh! So tute. Tisses." And will then gently kiss his face. She always wants to hold him a lot and props up a pillow by her arm. She touches his head and gives him "big hugs". She's fascinated with his eyes, his feet, fingers, his belly button, and... other things. She gets so close to his face and imitates our inflections as she talks to him, "Hi han-some! Hi big boy!"

Of course there are crabby times when she tells me to lay him down so I can hold her. Or that my husband and I should "switch" so that she can be with the desired parent. But overall, I am so impressed with her handling the new arrival.

The one area where she could use improvement is with our dog. Every day she wrestles with Kila and ends up getting hurt - one way or another. Whether it's a nip caused by snatching one of the dog's toys, or a bump from running away, there comes a fierce yell from her little mouth, "NO, Kila! Go play!" In revenge, she runs to the kitchen and dumps the water bowl into our dog's food. Thanks. Then she'll mess up all the pet supplies in the closet as if Kila will learn her lesson from the Alpha Olive.

Life is always busy, always an adventure. But for now, Little Olive loves her Little Huck. And for that I am so thankful!


MB said...

Yes it was so cute seeing her interact with her brother when I was over, hugging and kissing him! <3

Jenn said...

What a sweet post--kids can be totally amazing, can't they?

Cheers, Jenn