Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Music and Development

Little Olive absolutely loves her music. When she was younger, probably 10 or 11 months, we taught her the ASL sign for music so she could ask for it whenever she wanted. She now enjoys dancing, humming, singing along, playing the piano, and strumming her fingers on guitar strings. I wonder if she'll be one of those avid musicians who will attend an awesome summer music camp when she's older. Time will tell.

We love listening to music in our home. Ian is always on the lookout for new songs. Right now, we're really into Gotye, Kimbra, and Blind Pilot. Mumford and Sons is still a favorite of mine, though, and I listen to them every time I'm driving in the car (just look up "Winter Winds" - oh gosh, so good). Unfortunately, mainstream pop music has really starting to wear on me. I used to love turning on the radio and listening to all the free music. But the past couple months, I just can't do it anymore! Am I getting old? Or just picky?

Probably picky, because I'm more aware of what I listen to now that there are children in the car. I couldn't believe when I was driving this past summer, flipping through the stations, and Little Olive wanted me to go back to Ke$ha's song. I was like, "Uh, no way. Sorry!" Kesha, really? Let's get some real music coming out of these speakers. So classical music became a top, calming favorite. I love Mozart, Vivaldi, Debussy, and Pachelbel. Did you know that Mozart's music has actually been researched and shown to enhance brain development and performance? Here's just one of many sources on the topic.

When Little Olive was younger, and very squirmy, I used to clip her finger and toenails by playing this youtube video:

Nowadays, Huckleberry (that's the code name for my son!) enjoys it too. But he usually just falls asleep and doesn't notice the video itself. He's a little lovebug, that one. He's been sleeping soundly for a while now. I expect him to wake up any minute, so until tomorrow (or whenever I update next), have a wonderful day!

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Faith E. Hough said...

Lucy and Zoe love music, too...before Zoe could talk (like, at ten months old), she could babble songs like "Twinkle, twinkle" exactly on pitch. And our favorite part of the day is "dance party time!" Their personal favorite music is Tchaikovsky...which I totally just spelled wrong, didn't I? Oh well. Apparently I didn't listen to enough Mozart as a child! :)