Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Little Olive

At 11:37pm tonight, Little Olive will turn two years old. Her birthday so far has been really nice, despite the fact that she's fighting a little cold. Thanks to some nat mur 6x, it doesn't seem to have affected her all too much though. As a birthday present to us, she slept in (for her, that's 7am). As a reward from us, she woke up to a purple table with her three purple gifts ready to be opened.

My husband hand carved her a gorgeous wooden heart necklace. It's so perfect. Little Olive has been putting it on, taking it off, throwing it, kissing it, losing it, finding it, all day long. I'd take a picture for the blog, but alas, it's in a lost stage right now. When she wakes up, she'll have to show me where she hid it. She must think I'm going to take's pretty nice, I'm not gonna lie.

I made her a purple dress which she's been wearing as well. I'm still thinking of adding a collar of some sort, so you might be seeing updates over at my sewing blog eventually. :)

Her third gift was a Melissa and Doug numbers puzzle I found in perfect condition at a consignment shop over the summer. (Don't worry, kid. Someday we'll take you to one of those nice Poconos Family Resorts for a fancy birthday.) But she didn't even know the difference; she was pretty darn excited about it.

This afternoon, we made a pink cake for dessert tonight. She had fun mixing everything together. I actually have no idea what we'll be having for dinner. Maybe french toast - it is a favorite meal of hers. (And mine, but that has nothing to do with it. Haha.) My husband rearranged his schedule for the evening so we can all spend time together.

Despite the flurries of snow daring to descend as we speak, it has been a very nice day. I am so thankful.

*** Update! Here's a picture of the necklace!


i.ikeda said...

That sounds like the perfect birthday! The dress is so cute and I bet the necklace is too. Little O's a lucky girl in all honesty. I take it her favorite color is purple? :)

Happy birthday beautiful little Olive. Xoxo

Amy said...

What a wonderful birthday! Could you come decorate my table for mine in a couple of weeks? ;)

Speaking of wonderful, if Clif and I are blessed enough to have a girl one day I will commission the goodness out of one of those dresses. It is so beautiful!

Jenn said...

What a great birthday and a beautiful dress! Cherish the moments--they sure seem to fly.