Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Wearing

If I could go back two years and change one thing about my baby registry, I would take off a lot of the big, expensive, somewhat bulky baby items (the play set, the swing, the bumbo), and instead put a really great baby carrier on there - like the Ergo! True, the Ergo might seem costly at first glance, but its reviews are resoundingly and repeatedly positive! And it's just as much as the other baby items, anyway. I hadn't done much research when it came to babywearing, and I thought they were all the same - that only price was the determining factor. So I chose an economically priced item, an over the shoulder baby carrier.

It wasn't used much, however, as my lifestyle back then revolved around only one little child. But now that Little Olive requires attention whether or not Little Huck is asleep or awake, in my arms or laying down, babywearing has become a necessity for me. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with some pretty sharp back and neck pains whenever I try to wear Baby Huck. I'm learning the hard way that baby carriers are not made equal!

So I'm currently saving up for the Ergo carrier. One of my friends found hers at a garage sale and absolutely loves it. I think I can trust her opinion (and the hundreds of other moms who rave about it) and know I'm making a good purchase. I'm about halfway there! Wish me luck!

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Faith E. Hough said...

I get the neck pain--poor Maggie!--I can't wear an over-the-shoulder sling for very long, because I get such bad knots in my shoulder they give me migraines! You shouldn't have to deal with that when you should be just enjoying your little baby! I use my Moby Wrap non-stop, though. So far it's been the best thing for me.