Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pin Up, Chin Up

I may have mentioned this in the past, but I've recently become really interested in a website called Pinterest.  It's a cool website where people can post/pull pictures from anywhere on the internet and collect them on "pin boards" in their accounts. What I love about this site is all the creative ideas people share. Because each picture is linked back to the original website, I've found so many delicious recipes, kid's art project ideas, and far too many visuals for future kitchen remodeling. It's actually where I found most of my inspiration for the bathroom I redid this summer.

Today, I received an e-mail from an administrator on the site telling me they had to remove one of my pictures. Because they don't allow objectionable or risque content on their site, they reminded me to make sure I didn't post anything else that went against their policies. 

At first I felt bad. I even started to type a response and apologized in the first line. Then I was miffed. I have seen a lot of questionable and clearly risque content on that site before and always found it tasteless. Not funny or cute. And the thing that really bugged me, is that these pictures come up all the time. Not just once.

So I continued my e-mail and mentioned that in comparison to some pins I've seen, I found mine to be more innocent than malicious. I also asked how one could go about reporting pins that contain partial/full nudity using the Pinterest App (as far as I can tell, this can only be done using the actual website).

I will not hesitate to report an image that I find to be objectionable or risque in the future. But for now, I'd like your opinion. Is the picture below (the one that was removed from my site) really that bad? Tell me it didn't make you laugh.


Anonymous said...
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Life After Piggie Smalls said... made ME laugh LOL, maybe cause I have a boy. Crude as it may be, I think it's hilarious that he has one wrapped around his peepee...again, maybe cause I have a boy lol. If my son ever walked up to me like this, I would LMAO and then take his picture too :) Probably wouldn't post it on pinterest though.

LuAnn said...

Actually, I went to pinterest yesterday and was astounded to see a knitted "coverall" over a man's genitals. Now THAT was offensive. It made me wonder if I really even want to get involved in pinterest. How they could let that go, and then remove your obviously hilarious post is beyond me.