Monday, October 10, 2011

Going cloth

We're a big fan of cloth diapering over here, and this past spring I also switched to cloth wipes. I definitely recommend looking into this because they have helped us out a great deal here. I've found we saved some money with them because the wipes became so useful in many different ways around the house. We've used them in place of napkins, washcloths, tissues, and paper towels. And when you have a little toddler around, you know how many spills and messes you clean up on a daily basis. The best thing is that all you have to do is throw them in the washer with a regular load of laundry, and nothing's wasted!

I bought a little spray bottle that fits nicely in our wipes case. I make a solution of water and lavender scented Dr. Bronner's soap. Little Olive loves to "clean", so she sprays the house down and wipes it all up with her little wipies. I don't mind because the house smells great and she loves doing it.

Reusing as much as possible is really important. In our day and age of consumerism and materialism, it's not only frugal but smart to become self-sufficient and "green".  For my family, there's no reason to buy thousands of little disposable wipes that come in plastic packaging and end up being thrown out immediately after use. I have tried to wash/reuse disposable wipes before - and it actually worked for a little while! They eventually broke down and I did have to toss them. But it worked for a while before I sewed up some flannel wipes.

Share any tips or ideas regarding this area if you like! :)

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