Thursday, October 27, 2011


We had our first snowfall of the season here today. It's only October 27th!? What the... Thankfully, the ground is still too warm for anything to stick. Hopefully it will stay that way for months. I laugh. Months, eh. I can hope, can't I? I love my city, but not the winters. I only ever ask for a gentle snowfall surrounding Christmas. After that, it can melt away and not return again until December 23, 2012.

People say if you're going to live in a city that is cold and snowy for months on end, you might as well learn to enjoy it. Learn to embrace it! Life is a song. Sing with it. My family and friends are big skiers (is that right? ski-ers?), snowboarders, and ice skaters. I do love a fun skate around an ice rink - it's kind of romantic. We have a nice outdoor rink downtown; I love going there. But overall, I'm a big "stay indoors and drink warm tea and cocoa" kind of person. Ideally, I'd rather be somewhere warm. And even though I have lots of extended family living there, my immediate family is here; I don't ever see us moving. And that's okay with me. My sister just stocked up on four boxes of amazing tea. (Ever heard of Christmas Eve by Stash, or Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride by Celestial Seasonings? Go check them out!) We're set for a while.

But do you ever feel the need to escape? Not necessarily physically, but mentally. Going to California wouldn't really stop facebook from happening. That's where I need the escape from. You could just stop going on it, you might say. True...I have given it serious thought today. It's because everyone has something to say, and even though it's a free country, I'm not always in the mood to hear everyone's opinions. If I see one more person posting an ignorant, arrogant, biased comment/picture/link about anything political or Occupy Wall Street, I just might go nuts. And I know, I wrote a blog about it a couple weeks ago, and here I am mentioning it in another post. But it's the constant stream on my newsfeed of people saying something different about it that's getting to me.

Maybe I'm feeling a little too hormonal tonight, sitting here drinking my wine (oh, have you not noticed? I have). Maybe the thought of another American revolution is really just a little too overwhelming for me. Maybe I'm just wishing I was oblivious and apathetic about world events. But I do know for sure that the negativity and arguing among friends and family over an issue that nobody has any concrete answers about is really starting to get to me. It has come to the point where blocking, removing, or hiding certain people on facebook might actually need to happen. Call me mean, go ahead. I'm just a stay-at-home mom with a beautiful newborn and an adorable toddler, blogging away to bring in extra income. I'm trying to keep the positive vibes inside, and the bad ones out. That includes the stay away, snow. Or else I'll go outside with my blowdryer and make you go away.

(I got that from my sister.)

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i.ikeda said...

I don't see anything wrong with taking time off from facebook. I've done it before, usually for a few days only. Sometimes It does clear your head and make you feel better...