Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What I'm Up To Today

The other day I mentioned that the only thing frustrating about not knowing whether this baby is a boy or girl is the fact that I have to prepare two wardrobes - one blue/green, the other, pink and purple.

Oh, did I not mention that?

Well, it's true. I can't get past it! It seems like such a waste of water, energy, and detergent to do several unnecessary loads of laundry. But there's not much I can do about it. I'm not dressing my boy in flowers, and my baby girl is not going to wear dinosaurs (however cute they may be) her first days out of the womb. I'm not an OCD parent, but there is a line I draw.

So while I'm at it, I decided to move all of Little Olive's clothes up to her big girl bedroom. Until today they've still been in our room. But now that's where the new baby's will be! And wow, just another thing to add to my emotions. It was very bittersweet. I filled her dresser with a few summer outfits to hold her out a few more warm days, but then I took out some beautiful fall/winter hand-me-downs and added those too. I realized I had been given a couple winter coats. Though they both say the same size, one looks much larger than the other. I should probably hang onto them both just in case Little Olive has a growth spurt in January.

It's just that preparing for Little Olive's arrival was a breeze. We were ready with everything, and everything had a place. This time, I must find room for two of everything. There are boxes scattered around the house of things I may or may not need. I like being organized and I just don't feel like I am now.

So here's what I've decided: next time, we're 1) finding out the gender and 2) finding out the gender.

(Oh, and if you're tempted to say, "Just relax, the baby isn't going to care what he/she is wearing once they arrive" - doh, just be quiet. I appreciate your comforting thoughts, but I can bet you in 10 years when the child looks back on their newborn pictures, they will be like, "Mom, why am I wearing boy clothes?"

"Because you didn't care back then and apparently neither did I."

You see? It simply doesn't work. I just have to be prepared!)

I'm off to make some hot chocolate (maybe I'll add two packets just because) and be happy! :)


Natalie said...

I understand - especially because we don't have a dresser for this little one so right now all the clothes are sitting in the Pack-n-Play. ;) Really, I only have one load each of newborn boy and girl clothes, so it's only one extra load to wash... still, it would be nice to not have that extra bin in the way at times. My thoughts for next time are that I will just wash whatever either sex will need for the first 3 days or so... that's just one week's worth of clothes to have out, and then I'll have Tim wash the rest of the gender-appropriate clothes a few days after the baby is born. I think he can handle it. ;) Oh well... live and learn!
When Tezzie was born I had just 2 or 3 pink outfits available, just in case... my mom went to the store that day and picked up a few more, and then I ordered the rest on eBay for next to nothing. Of course... by the time she was 3 weeks old I needed to move her into 3-6 mos clothes anyway, so I was glad I didn't stock up on 0-3 mos clothes at the store! This time I am a little more prepared - I've been slowly adding to my newborn girl collection over the years so I have a few new outfits for the baby if we do indeed have a *she*. :)

unikorna said...

Congratulations on the Liebster Blog Award, you have a lovely place here :).

Amanda said...

It was so frustrating for us with Avi too. Of course, I expected a boy so I really didn't help myself by planning for someone's identity that I didn't know. LOL I think you have a good plan in place though. Can't wait to find out what Baby is!!!!!