Sunday, September 25, 2011

Swag Bucks For Beginners

Recently I began using Swag Bucks to earn some money online. I've referred some friends and gotten really into it. It's one of those fun ways to do what you might already do online. I'm not someone who spends all day on it. Rather, I try to get the most out of it in the shortest amount of time.
  1. First of all, sign up through this: It's my referral link and it'll get you started. :)
  2. Download the toolbar. It will make this whole process very easy. If you don't want to, at least bookmark the Swag Bucks homepage. You can do mostly everything from there. 
  3. "Like" their Facebook Page. This is where you will learn a lot of information!
  4. In all reality, one SB is usually only worth a penny. I earn SB to redeem them for $5 Amazon Gift Cards. Each $5 card can be redeemed for 450 SB, which equals to almost a penny a SB. So putting that into perspective right away, don't get caught up in thinking you're losing out on "dollars" if you don't get as many SB as you'd like in a day.
  5. Now, how to win "swag bucks": search! Using the toolbar or the homepage, search normally as you would on Google. DON'T oversearch trying to get a win (typing in random things, one after another). You will be put in "timeout". 
  6. I use the search engine for getting around to my usual pages. I've won many times searching gmail, Pinterest, facebook, blogger, Etsy, etc.
  7. What do "singles, doubles/dubs, triples/trips" mean? Your first search win of the day is "singles" - the second is "doubles" and so on. 
  8. It's very easy to get one or two wins a day. But the gates for triples and quads only open after a while. Watch the FB page to see what people are posting.
  9. CODES: codes can come out any time of day and for any amount of SB. Don't wait around for them. They're usually around 5SB. If I'm on the computer while one's out, awesome. You will know when a code is posted when everyone on the FB page says, "Thanks for the code!"
  10. The codes are usually posted on the Blog, Twitter, or the swidget. I placed the Swidget in my blog (see bottom right column). Sometimes the people at SwagBucks makes it difficult to find the a treasure hunt or a search in the Swag Store. Sometimes it'll be right in a Tweet.
  11. Once you find the code, do not post it publicly or tell anyone what it is. They're very serious about deleting your account if you're caught passing around an active code.
  12. Some codes change every 20-30 seconds so that people can't cheat. 
  13. When you find the code, copy and paste it into the "gimme" box on your homepage and voila!
  14. For other ways to win, go to the homepage (or toolbar) under "Earn" and find what works best for you. Here's what I do:
  15. A way to win 1 SB every day is to visit the Daily Poll.
  16. A way to win 2 SB is to visit the "NOSO". Skip through five special offers until a captcha pops up. Type in the words, and you have 2SB. 
  17. Trusted Surveys: I refuse to attempt them unless they are 15 minutes or under. People complain constantly about being disqualified from surveys after spending so much time on them. I try the 10 minute ones and sometimes they work!
  18. For the first 5 disqualified surveys of the day, you'll earn 1SB each for your time.
  19. Swagbucks TV: If you download the toolbar, a pop-up window appears for this. For watching 10 videos (at 10% of the meter each), you will earn 3SB when you reach 100%. You are allowed a maximum amount of 75SB per day doing this. I don't sit there and watch it; I run the TV on mute in the background when I'm blogging, e-mailing, etc.
  20. You earn 1SB a day for inviting friends.
  21. Special Offers are hit or miss: sometimes I'll play a video for a few SB but I refuse to do any that require my information or signing up for things. The FB page is very active and helpful about which Special Offers are good or not!
  22. Sometimes videos pop up on the homepage - you can usually watch them several times for easy SB. 
  23. Most days, I'll receive a message in my SB Inbox to watch a video ad, and then answer the 1 question about it. An easy 3SB. 
  24. I usually earn around 40 SB a day, depending on how much my "search wins" are. This evens out to getting 1 AGC a week. I've used two so far, so they are real and work just fine! :) I plan on using all my gift cards for Christmas gifts, or whatever we need around the house. Some people earn hundreds of SBs a day (I don't know how they do it!). But since you can only redeem 5 ACG per month, I like how this works out for me.
If you have questions or any other tips, feel free to ask and share! :)


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This was SUPER helpful! Thank you! :D

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