Monday, September 12, 2011

One Year Ago Today

In memory of 9-11, I think today's prompt is more than appropriate. It's making us reflect on the past. Today marked the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country, and people need to be reminded of what happened that day. One year ago today, I don't think I put much thought into this whole thing. I'm ashamed to admit that, but I've learned from it too.

I think people are quick to forget. If it's not hot news, they're onto something else. Or in the name of peace and unity, people would just rather hold hands and smile.

They would rather leave God out of the picture, writing "Bless America" on flags being sold at Wal Mart instead of embracing their faith and using it to bring us closer together. (Why does God ever have to be excluded?)

I'm sure many priests did the same as mine this weekend at Mass. He talked about forgiveness and moving forward. We are told to forgive again and again - no matter how many times we've been wronged. But forgiveness is something we must do - forgetting is something we should never do. What a dishonor it would be to all who died 10 years ago to forget about them. To forget about how they died. Yes, it might make us uncomfortable to face the facts of history, but we cannot rewrite them just to make us feel better.

Even if we were not personally affected by the events of September 11th, some of us are still dealing with the emotions of witnessing what happened that day. What are some ways you are trying to forgive and remember at the same time?

For me, I've found comfort in praying for specific people or groups of people. The flight attendants. The mothers in the towers. The janitors in the pentagon. The cooks in the restaurants of the WTC. And then all their families. It makes it more real to me...instead of just summarizing everyone together.

May God bless them all.


D said...

I agree. That is one day I (sad to say) won't be forgetting anytime soon. We need to remember what had happened to make us realize how precious life is.

Karen @ Fun 4 Kids in Buffalo said...

Lovely post - well said. Thank you.

Jo said...

Beautifully done. And God should never be excluded. Ever.

Angela Parson Myers said...

I like your idea of praying for small groups of people like that. You're right, it does make it more personal. Praying for a large group can become automatic and hypocritical, but when you break it down into people who have certain things in common, it makes you stop and think about them as individuals. What great insight!

Kathy said...

Beautiful post. The biggest problem today is that God is excluded purposefully. Everyone would be a lot better off to keep Him in the picture.


Word Nerd said...

I love that you think of specific people when you pray. I do the same. It feels far more connected that way.

pbquig said...

Interesting, on 9/11/01 I went to mass with friends after the tragedy and a woman said a prayer for the terrorists. I have to say I wasn't in that place then and am not now, but she knew something about forgiveness.
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