Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marriage Notes

This summer, we painted our bedroom. It was so needed. The walls were transformed from an awful faded, lime green to a calming "sage gray" shade. I love it now. I also made brown, gold, and blue curtains to go along with the walls. I'm working on framing some engagement photos to display. One thing I noticed the other day was that I've lost my wall decals. For our wedding, someone gave us peel-away stickers that read, 

Granted, they didn't look like that. But you get the idea. I must have thrown them out by accident during the redecorating process. I'm on the hunt to find some new ones!

I really want something like that because little reminders about love are so important. Love is a choice you make every day, and sometimes life makes it a little tricky to do it so willingly! I once heard of a couple who wrote "shmily" notes to each other throughout their entire marriage. They would try to beat each other on creativity and good hiding spots for these little messages that literally stood for: "See How Much I Love You". I guess once the husband unrolled a whole toilet paper roll and placed the note on the cardboard, then timed it so his wife would be the one to find it. How cute and funny is that!

Are there any things you and your spouse do to remind each other about love? Or stories you've heard? Pass them along!


Susan Kane said...

What a great idea! My husband wouldn't notice the extra paper though. He is easily distracted.

Amanda said...

We have a notebook we keep together where we write little things we've appreciated the other one doing or something cute we noticed that day. He also leaves hidden notes where he knows I'll find them when he goes out of own. It's really sweet!