Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kid Yoga

Little Olive doing stretches this past summer
My sister-in-law recently gave us a Little Yogis dvd that she and her son used to watch together. Since Little Olive loves doing stretches with us, especially Daddy, we thought she'd jump right in. And she definitely did.

The dvd is quite interesting. It was shot in Hawaii with Wai Lana and her daughter, and then a bunch of kids. The set-up is beautiful. Everyone is on a lush green spread of grass with the ocean around them in the background. The palm trees blow in the gentle breeze and the clear blue skies definitely perked my attention and made me want to move there.

I'm going to be honest - the lady actually creeped us out at first. She is so incredibly calm and sweet, but her voice is a little eerie. (My sister-in-law actually warned me about this...I brushed it off. How can someone's voice be that irritating? Well, it's true.) Not to mention the songs at the beginning of each segment...

If you're interested in seeing it for yourself, definitely check out the pink dvd on the left. That's the one we have.

Besides that, once you get past the "different" feel of the movie, it's actually awesome. Little Olive followed along really well and did as much stretching and positioning as her little self understood at this point. I was pretty impressed. I think the calmness and simplicity aspects of the movie encourage focus and listening skills. If you're looking for a fun yoga movie for your child, this one is pretty good. But honestly, tell me if she doesn't creep you out just a little in the beginning.

"My trunk is my friend...especially when it's hot..."

(Just one of the songs...about an elephant. Trust me.)

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