Monday, September 05, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Sometimes when I watch my husband play with our daughter or other youngsters, I can't help but think he is still such a kid at heart. He can be such a goof - and we wonder where Little Olive gets it. Just yesterday he was reading "Green Eggs and Ham" in a silly cartoon voice. It was making me laugh, but L.O. just stared at him the whole time with a humored smile across her face. Later in the day, she pulled out the book and just kept repeating, "Ah Sam I Am, ah Sam I Am..." over and over, shaking her head as my husband had done.

He's really great at thinking up fun activities for kids. It's probably because he feels so connected to them. It's a true gift. Last night we were watching one of our favorite shows "Chopped" where the winning contestant said he took his family to Disney with his $10,000 prize. We couldn't imagine spending so much on a few days. Unless it was non-stop fun! Such as...the largest indoor water park- The Great Wolf Lodge. With several locations across the country, we could easily drive and save on flights. I think Ian would have a blast at such a place.

Well, at least it's nice to write about! :)

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