Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Family Time

I'm 36 weeks pregnant! Knowing I gave birth the day I turned 37 weeks with Little Olive has put me in such a torn mindset. In one way, I would love to have our baby next Monday! On the other hand, I could also wait a few more weeks. Nevertheless, I have to be ready. So I've been busy preparing for our home birth by getting all the supplies together. Yesterday I put a few newborn outfits in the box - and washed a few more for each gender. The last thing I want to worry about once the baby arrives is not having any clean laundry ready for him/her!

I've been finishing up some projects for my Etsy shop too. I made a baby quilt and some more baby wipes. It will probably be my last listings for several months! (At least, that's what I anticipate.) I also finished my Halloween costume - have I told you what it's going to be? I'll be a spider web, and the new baby will be the spider! I figure he/she will still be so tiny and need to be with me a lot, and what a better way to have a good excuse than for our costumes to need each other!

Last Halloween we were in Disney with my husband's family. Little Olive was a turtle - she was so cute. The vacation was four days, and it was a lot of fun! We stayed at the Caribbean Hotels - Martinique, to be specific. While the Disney parks really highlighted the Halloween weekend, we actually came home on the 31st, just in time for a nap and then trick-or-treating. Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays, and I cannot wait to trick-or-treat with both of my kids this year! I want it to be very special and fun. Little Olive has a cute princess costume (that I got on clearance last year), so maybe she and Ian can be the Prince and Princess together. How cute would that be!

And while we await our baby's arrival, we're trying to have lots of family time. Yesterday we used a gift card to go out to lunch. I was worried Little Olive would be a bear (seeing as she only took a short, little nap), but it was so enjoyable! She was thrilled about her chocolate milk and french fries. (Little kids are so easily pleased sometimes!). Ian and I decided that every weekend, we will plan for a dinner/date out alone to bide the time. I'm really excited! Especially since we don't know exactly when Baby will come, we at least know something fun will happen every weekend!


Faith E. Hough said...

That waiting time can be so exciting yet stressful at the same time! Stay relaxed, have fun, and know that you are in our prayers!

Autumn Saylor said...

I came by to give you a blog award! It's right here: http://johneehorror.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-first-award-liebster-award.html

Natalie said...

What a great idea! If we had someone to watch the kids, I know we'd be doing the same thing. :) 37 1/2 weeks and counting... so much pain, I just want it to be over - but so much I want to get done before Baby comes, too! The comforting part is that the good Lord knows EXACTLY when this baby should come, so *all* I have to do is not worry about it, and whatever will get done in the meantime is enough. :)

Susan Kane said...

Oh, how exciting for you all!! I would bbsit for you anytime, except I live far away. post photos?