Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Third Trimester Thoughts

Well, it's about that time to make my last trimester post. :)

...27, 28 weeks? When does the third trimester technically start? Seems there is no right answer for this.
...Energy is starting to go away. Getting tired quite a bit now.

...Little Olive's first sleepover with her grandparents! :)

...Opened a shop on Etsy

...4th of July - what a fun weekend!

...Had a couple garage sales - made some decent money for selling things we didn't need anymore. (Which is why everyone in the world should have a garage sale!)

...Had a couple prenatal visits - heartbeat was 130, 133, and then in the 150s. So thanks for confusing us, baby! :)

...Little Olive dislocated her elbow. Scariest thing to happen so far. 

...OMG OMG HP VII PT II comes out!!!!!!!!! 12:20am midnight showing!!!!!!!!! Okay, sorry. It was good...glad we went to see it! :)

...Two weddings in one day - awesome!

...Continued to sell everything in the house we didn't need.

...Took Little Olive to the zoo - she loved it! She still talks about the el-phants and yi-yons.

...Paid off my student loans 8 years early! 

...Had a dream the baby was a boy - two nights in a row. Then Ian had one about a girl. We are still in the dark.
...Gave Little Olive her first haircut.

...Moved L.O. upstairs to her own "Big Girl Bed" - what a step!

...Got my first pedicure ever - how fun.

...Getting ready to celebrate Ian's birthday this weekend. He wants a "Game of Thrones" cake. My creativity will be stretched to the limits. 

...Smacked Little Olive in the face yesterday with a plate while trying to get yellow jackets out of our kitchen. Mom Award: Denied.

...Have a bit of the pregnancy waddle going on.

...Absolutely zero energy, tired all the time.

...At 34 weeks right now. 

...Cannot wait to meet our little baby! :)

...Wish us luck during these last 6(+/-) weeks!


i.ikeda said...

Ooh, how exciting for all of you! Almost there. And a game of thrones cake? No way. How many of the books has he read? Make it a wolf cake. :)

And maybe it's better that you smacked her in the face with the plate (was it a plastic plate or something harder?) than let the bees sting her, like Naomi. My poor little one got stung by 2 yellow jackets on the same spot and she had a bump for more than a week. She screamed her head off too and was so scared... So I don't know what's worse, the plate or the bees. Ugh.

Maggie said...

Good idea! A wolf cake! He's on the second book now...totally loves them.

It was a plastic plate - thankfully not a glass one. She was so upset but you're right, bee stings are the worst. I've cried as an adult when I got one!

Karen @ Fun 4 Kids in Buffalo said...

Great pic! Don't even know you but so excited for you! Good luck!