Saturday, August 06, 2011

Things People Need to Stop Doing

What are your pet peeves? Today I'm going to share my top ten. In my little opinion, people need to stop...
  1. Going tanning. As Jason Mraz says, "I guess what I'm saying is there ain't no better reason
    To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons." In the winter, be pale. In the summer, sit out in the sun. Don't pay money to give yourself dangerous exposure to skin cancer.
  2. Chewing gum loudly. Those little bubbles they make and then pop with their teeth - it seriously makes my skin crawl. You can chew gum as much as you want, but don't make a performance out of it.
  3. Taking full-length pictures of themselves with their toes turned in. Can we talk for a second about how unnatural this pose is? No, because we don't have to - it's that obvious.
  4. Taking pictures of themselves with their lips puckered and the peace sign on the side. I could write an entire post on this alone. But just everyone - stop. Young girls, older women, drunk boys. It is not attractive.
  5. Taking pictures of themselves with their tongues sticking out. Nobody wants to see your blue-tinted, teeth dented tongue. Keep it inside. Euw.
  6. Wearing Big and Tall Clothing when they're not big and tall. Wear clothes that fit you, no matter what your body type is. Girls, if you're a size 8 but want to be a size 4, your jeans aren't going to magically make you smaller. Trust me.
  7. Editing their noses out of pictures. Embrace your noses! Taking pictures from 5 feet above your face already makes your eyes look bigger and your nose smaller. So leave the contrast and exposures alone and keep your nose on your face. In a nutshell, don't edit via Picnik.
  8. Speaking of editing pictures...unless you're trying to recreate an authentic, vintage black and white photograph, keep vignettes, blur, and white mattes away from your photos. I'm no expert, and I don't claim to be. But excessive blurriness or "frames" make photographs look cheap and takes away from the beauty of the image. While we're at it, don't go overboard with contrast, either. Pictures like this do not look natural - they look cheap.
  9. Using periods for no reason except to sound like a robot. O.M.G. Harry Potter was. so. good. 
  10. Thinking it's cute/funny to be indecisive. "Oh my gosh, I don't know what I want" giggle giggle. Oh really. Because I'm pretty sure if you didn't have an audience, you'd have already ordered a Dr. Pepper. 
O.m.g. look at my editing skills! It's a nostalgic sunset with weird colors on the sides...

     Alright - share yours! :)


        Mountain Mama said...

        I don't know about peeves...I just try to ignore people most of the time because I could pick out something I hate about every.single.person (hee!) I know if I focused on that. I do get annoyed when people do photo shoots of themselves and then post them on facebook. Oh, there's 25 photos of nothing but your face...YIPPEE!

        On a different note, I absolutely LOVE that Goth Princess dress in your etsy shop. Lovely! I wish I had an excuse to buy it. All of your work is beautiful :)

        Susan Kane said...

        You must have access to many teen girls. I taught middle school for 7 years; you described the girls' insecurity perfectly.

        Jessica said...

        THANK YOU for bringing to light the awkward pigeon-toed photo pose! Why is that considered cute or cool? It's like they're trying to come off as a "sexy geek", like how all the pretty celebrities say "Oh but I'm REALLY just a nerd (i.e. they don't TRY to be hot, they just naturally ARE) lol! Ohhh celebrities...

        Natalie said...

        .....When certain relatives send out a gazillion pictures of the same people in very slightly different poses, via email, every other day. ;) ...Gum chewing in church... candy wrappers or other loud eating noises in church... Parents who don't take their screaming kids out of church and just try to appease them with more noisy food....... LOL. ;) Oh, and when most people - especially people who don't know me very well - call me Nat. It's different for relatives and people who have known me that way ever since my parents called me that when I was little - old habits are hard to break, and I understand that. :) It's still one of my least favorite nicknames of all time, though... ick.