Friday, August 19, 2011

Puppy Love

Kila, 9 months

We just got back from taking a little walk up and down our street. It's breezy, hot, and still sunny. What a funny caravan we must have looked like. Little Olive insists on starting off in the stroller - which is totally fine. But about halfway through, she wants to walk. Which would also be totally fine, except she then wants to command the stroller.

She's very advanced.

So there we are...Ian in the front with Kila on her leash.
Malley next, walking backwards, pulling the stroller by its tray.
Me, guiding the stroller so it doesn't roll onto her toes.

After a few minutes of that, we have to switch things up. Kila doesn't do so well on walks. She still pulls quite a bit - sometimes she is literally hopping on her hind legs, trying get ahead. (To what, I'm not sure. Apparently the next 3 feet of sidewalk are so much better.) But we found a secret to walking:

We put Kila inbetween all of us. She's a little scared of the stroller and doesn't try to pull past it.

Today we were curious how Kila would react if we treated her like a little princess know, the kind that tall, blonde girls spoil in those cute dog carriers. We placed Kila in the stroller for a few moments before she bolted out of it.

Heck no. 

You saw nothing, she said, barking at the beagle a few houses away.

Too cute, little Kila.

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Susan Kane said...

Kila is too proud for that, I'd say. That breed is so sassy.