Monday, August 22, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings

Have you ever craved a pickle?
Oh, us poor pregnant women. We get such a bad rap because of our cravings. People think we want the most disgusting foods - just because...just for a good story. "Deep fried oreos with ranch dressing" or "Tuna fish with peanut butter." Or just the plain, old pickles.

Pickles...they are so good.

This pregnancy, I haven't craved anything abnormal. All typical foods. The main thing is coffee. It always sounds and smells so good. Borders bookstore by us is going out of business, and they're selling furniture and appliances from their cafe and break rooms. Included on the list is a $3000 espresso machine. I took one look at the price and...(I admit) kept looking. But seriously. Maybe someday.

My mouth is watering at this picture from my trip to Ireland in '08. My sister and I ordered a latte from a cute little cafe in Dublin, thinking nothing of it, and quickly realized we had just tasted the gifts of heaven. It was definitely the best coffee I've ever had. So much that I still remember the soft froth, the warm milk and coffee, and all the extra sugar I put in. :)

Too bad it's 7:45 right now...I'd go make myself a cup. Oh, by the way, don't ever knock a preggo woman's craving. When I was expecting Little Olive, I really wanted to make grilled cheese, and then I added maple syrup when it was on my plate. My husband was hesitant to try it, but believe it or not, it has become a household favorite, whether I am with child, or not. 

So now I want to know: What's the most random craving you've ever had? Were you pregnant or not?

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Amanda said...

I woke out of a sound sleep this pregnancy craving a salami sandwich with horseradish mustard. Not too weird, but I did make Dan get up and make it for me at 2am. He, very annoyed, did it. After watching me eat mine in bed, he decided it wasn't such a bad idea after all and went to make himself one. I've never had strange cravings, but I do get them and they do NOT go away until I get it. Ice cream, pickles and chinese food are all favorites of all 3 girls- but not all at once!