Monday, August 01, 2011

The Key to Parenting

I heard a great quote a few weeks back from my cousin's late mother: "Half of parenting is getting off your butt and doing something about it."

I laughed when I heard it and think it's true. I remind myself about this often, especially lately when I've been overheated and low on energy. For example, our Little Olive enjoys sticking pebbles in her ears...just because. My husband is always really good about telling her "no". But sometimes, I take a look at the size of the rock. If it's too big to do any damage, I let it go. If it's small and/or jagged, I say something.

But isn't consistency the key?

Sigh. Sometimes it's so much easier to let things go. For now, anyways.

How do you draw the line between picking your battles and being too lax?

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i.ikeda said...

Good topic. I feel like I'm pretty relaxed for some parents standards, but I do believe in picking my battles. With a very energetic toddler in my hands, I'd be screaming "no" every few minutes if I didn't. I try to categorize the problem and act accordingly - dangerous situation and destructive or harmful behavior are the only categories that require immediate and strong action. Everything else I try to reason with her or sometimes even let the situation play itself out so that she learns by experience (like letting her pour milk in her own cup; it was a mess to clean up, but she learned she doesn't have the strength to hold up the bottle yet).