Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Keeping the little one occupied

My husband is one of those natural dads. While he's working on his projects outside or around the house, he's so good at keeping Little Olive occupied with him. While, of course, she gravitates toward the sharp items and screws, steps in her path and hands her a safe tool. Once he shows her how to "fix" with it, she gets really involved in the process and soon takes her tools to a random piece of wood and goes to work on it.

You know those pieces of wood need all the help they can get...

I used to think she was too little to help me with my projects. After all, there's not much to offer while I'm at the sewing machine with pins and needles.  But when you put yourself in a new mindset, there's no limits to what you can do. I started to give her "safe" items from my sewing box, and now she feels like a big girl. As soon as Little Olive feels like she's helping, she acts quite important and stays out of mischief. As you can see from the picture below of her with my mom, she takes her little jobs seriously.
Helping "Damma" make bread
As some of you may know, we've been keeping busy this summer. While Ian's been fixing the garage, painting, and concreting the driveway, I've been doing some projects inside. One thing I wanted to do was remodel the kitchen - which to us means fixing a few things. This would have included the kitchen curtains. Ian really wants to paint, and I want to match the new color with some pretty curtains. When I scroll through the page of kitchen decor, I find about 50 things I would add to my dream kitchen, but I'm sure that will be a project for next summer!

Doing things around the house has made both Ian and I feel extremely accomplished and proud of our living space. It's no wonder that Little Olive seems to be just as in-tune with her feelings of importance and responsibility. I think it's really remarkable, and super cute.


The hubby said...

Aw thanks darling :) It comes natural when you have such a sweet wife and darling little daughter!

Amanda said...

Avila has just started wanting to be involved too. She sees her big sister folding laundry, doing dishes or helping mommy cook and has to get right in there. It's super cute...but sometimes takes quite some patience! It's worth it to not have a cranky toddler though!