Friday, August 05, 2011

Everything Comes In Phases

Something I've learned about life since becoming a parent is that almost everything is a phase. As a newborn, Little Olive used to cry once the car started - until we accelerated. Stop signs, red lights, slowing down to turn...they all made her cry. As long as we were zooming along, she was content. (What, did the inside of my belly sound like an automobile for nine months or something?)

Months later, I couldn't put her down to sleep. I had to hold her the whole time. (I know, how horrible.)

For a long time, she went through a phase where her normal bedtime was 1am. (This was rather horrible.)
After that, she would only eat cookies and avocados. (I do realize this could have been worse.)

This past month, we had a week of agony as Little Olive tested her toddler-ness and put up a 2.5 hour battle every night when it was time to sleep. She sang and sat up, rearranged her pillows and blankets for an endless amount of time, would get out of bed and sit by the door (where we were on the other side), or make up songs about popsicles or puppies.

But all of these things, she outgrew. So I'm trying to just remind myself that she will outgrow certain things now - like how she puts rocks in her ears, or how she realized she could fit things up her nose just this morning. She's going through a phase where she wants me to hold her foot while we drive in the car.

I'm not making these things up!

We all go through phases. I went through a phase where I wanted to play the violin. Like, amazingly well. A few years later I looked into getting my teeth whitened.

But I too outgrew those phases. Now I'm in a phase where I just want to be the best mom and wife I can. I want to make the life of my little family the biggest priority. I want to have endless energy and patience for my daughter (quite the challenge right now with the heat, pregnancy, and the cat pooping everywhere it so pleases), and I want to keep the house tidy, the rug vacuumed of all pet hair and crumbs, the dishes cleaned, the laundry kept up, and write little notes to the husband.

This is a phase I don't ever want to outgrow.  Hair dyes may come and go, but love will always stay!


Susan Kane said...

Phases, I remember my children and the phases that whipped through our lives. Each phase brings the child closer to being themselves. I don't know about avocado and cookies, tho.

Amanda said...

Lena just recently outgrew a year-long phase of wanting her foot held while I drove. It was so weird!

Jessica said...

My baby is in the "do not put me down to sleep" phase that Little Olive was in. At least for his naps. It's nice to know that children go through these phases and some rather unpleasant things don't continue for too long. I'm starting to find this out now that he's 6 months; every few weeks something changes and it's something new. I like to write my husband little notes too :) Keeping a happy family is definitely a phase that we should never outgrow!