Sunday, August 07, 2011

A bit of a journal update

I wish I had something totally fun and interesting to write about. Unfortunately, there's just real life. Plain, old, boring, never-stopping, life!


This past week we found out that we have water damage in our kitchen. We were having a wonderfully romantic morning, cleaning our basement due to the cat pooping all over the place, when my husband noticed water dripping on his head. We traced it upstairs to the kitchen. Our fridge, of course, has been leaking recently. It's a rather old fridge, and it has given us a few issues since we moved in two years ago. Nothing urgent, but it's an energy-sucking box...definitely outdated and not doing its job as nicely as we'd like.

We're fridge snobs, apparently. 

So as my husband started to look into the issue, he pulled up the floor molding, and underneath the laminate layer, we could see warped, wavy wood.

Awesome. Every homeowner's dream. 

If it were up to me, I'd pull up the (ugly) laminate floor without thinking twice. I'd fix the wood underneath that has been damaged, and then put in a nice, new, hardwood floor.
Okay, it could be the imitation kind. It doesn't have to be "real." We're not rich homeowners, after all. But while the laminate flooring is easy to clean and hides dirt well, it's quite unattractive. Clashes with my pretty red curtains too. I'm trying to convince Ian we need to replace the floor. I don't think it will happen this year though.

What about the fridge? We can't just let the fridge keep ruining our floor. And even if we replaced the floor, how could we put a yellow-aging fridge on top of beautiful new wood? Well, we wouldn't. We're saving up for a new fridge. Nothing huge or fancy - we have limited space and funds. But I'm excited. I'm excited for the food to stop going bad after only two days and the freezer turning off whenever it feels like it. We're aiming for September...check back to see an update!


MB said...

Don't forget to check craiglist for fridges! Might be able to find one for less cost ;) also obviously ebay would be a place to look too.

Hope you can get the kitchen of your dreams started soon!

Natalie said...

Yes, you could find a bargain on Craigslist...!! That's how we got our upright freezer... and it's been serving us well for 5 years now. (Just have to latch the bottom of it b/c the seal isn't perfect otherwise.) We've had our share of fridges that leak water and can't keep the food cold, and you end up losing so much in food that the cost of a lower-end, but still-fully-functioning, fridge is absolutely worth it. Unfortunately we never had our "own" fridge until this time around, so we had to wait until things were absolutely so horrible that the apt managers couldn't help but believe us that our food couldn't stay at a safe temp, and that it *wasn't* normal (they tried to convince us it was) that the bottom veggie drawer filled up with water every few days. :P I finally convinced them with a brick of unopened cheese that I'd just bought 3 days previously. It was warm to the touch and covered with green mold. That finally convinced them!

I hope you are able to find a decent fridge soon - AND that you can avoid more water damage! We've lost stuff in every apt and house to water damage, and you know our outside-wall-leaking saga in this place. No fun. Last week we discovered more damage, this time coming from the ceiling over the stairs leading to the basement. Tim tore down the paneling along the wall and believes that he fixed the primary cause of the leak, but we don't have the funds to put up drywall and paint at this time. We'll have to wait until September or October to fix that as well. Water damage is so crappy and can ruin so much before you realize it's happening... :(

When you guys are able to replace the floor eventually, I'm sure Tim would love to give Ian a hand. Just let him know and we'll try to work out a visit around that time!