Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A staycation

A lot of people I know go on yearly family vacations. We seriously considered doing so this summer. I wanted to take my husband to see the wonderful Harry Potter Wizarding World at Universal Studios - especially for the final movie which came out this past weekend. Don't you think such a hardworking, stallion of a husband deserves a nice trip? :)

After tons of research and waiting for the right days to book, we could have made the entire trip for about $800 (yep, that included airfare, park tickets, hotels, etc). We discussed it thoroughly and decided even though it was a really great price for the trip, it was out of our budget for this year.

As it turns out, two weeks later, my husband's car needed nearly $900 in repairs! Good thing we didn't go off to Florida.

The idea of going away with just my little family always sounds so nice and relaxing. I've always wanted to go on a cruise. We almost went on one for our honeymoon actually. We looked into cruises at length. It would have been super romantic going to the Bahamas at the different stops. Though we opted for a relaxing resort on the water, I still check the website every once in a while...just in case there's a deal we can't pass up.

But this summer it looks like we're having a staycation. Don't be jealous...you can join us! We pulled out the little turtle pool in the backyard today and soaked up the sun and some water. I've been letting Little Olive eat ice cream for dinner, (how can I resist?), we go on walks, go to the beach, the local pools, anything relaxing.

Maybe next year, Harry Potter or a cruise. Maybe next year! :)

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Natalie said...

It's ok - staycations are the way to go! (Or, um, not go... LOL. ;) ) Our children have traveled places only because of the military, but we've never taken a family vacation to anywhere other than grandparents' or aunts'/uncles' houses. :) Someday I'd like to take them somewhere "just because," and do some cool things along the way, but until then... they love playing in the sprinkler and camping out at home just as much as going anywhere else! :)